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You don’t have to do it alone.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” - David Richo

Due to the current pandemic, we are providing all sessions online. 


Individual Counseling

All of us have problems at times, periods when we’re depressed or anxious, when life’s stresses seem overwhelming. Most of the time we can resolve these problems ourselves. But sometimes we can’t; sometimes it’s just smarter to seek the help of experts. Because my approach is so practical and down-to-earth, we can often get your life back on track in just a few sessions – what is called “solution-focused” treatment. Other times, you may be seeking therapy for a different reason: you might have reached a point in your life where you realize you repeat self-destructive patterns, and you want to stop. Through long-term counseling – six months or longer – you can make deep, permanent changes, reverse your negative cycles, and prevent future repetitions of chronic problems.



Relationship Counseling

For many of us, problems with our partners can be the most frustrating issues we have to face, leaving us feeling upset, overwhelmed, and miserable. We start our relationships feeling hopeful, buoyant, and exhilarated, believing we have found our ‘soul mate’. Symptoms of a relationship in trouble can include one or more of the following: you don’t have fun with each other any more; your sex life is unsatisfying or non-existent; you have angry, escalating arguments where you say hurtful, mean things to each other; you are cold and distant with each other; you disagree over everything, even when you know the issues are trivial. Couples therapy can teach clients communication skills, which allow clients to address any issues that are causing residual resentment, anger or other problems.

The approach I use in relationship therapy is not based on the idea that a couple will necessarily stay together. That is not always the best outcome, but my services are designed to help improve communication and help people discover what the best outcome is for them. This can also be helpful for parents who are breaking up but who still need to communicate to raise their children together.

I have experience in working with people in open relationships of a variety of types and I am willing and able to do therapy sessions with people in relationships that involve more than two participants. I also have experience helping couples who are in the process of opening their relationships manage the complicated feelings that can arise.



Sex Therapy

A large majority of people of people experience sexual difficulties of some sort in their lives. These include lack of desire, difficulty reaching orgasm, problems maintaining arousal, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginal pain and general sexual dissatisfaction. These problems can be caused by anxiety and stress, lack of sexual knowledge and/or experience, childhood trauma, relational difficulties, and physical problems. Our culture has an inexcusable lack of good basic pleasure focused sex education, which can leave people at a loss as to how to deal with these issues.

In addition people frequently have sexual desires that are a part of their psyche which are not a part of their current interactions with their partners. Sex therapy can help people come to terms with the reality of the things that arouse them and learn how to incorporate those activities into their interactions with partners or their personal experience. Sometimes this process also involves helping clients learn good dating skills and find partners.

Sex therapy never involves direct sexual experience in the therapist’s office. Through individual and couples therapy, sex therapy helps people explore and understand the origin of their sexual difficulties, provides specific knowledge about sexual function and suggests methods to increase sexual satisfaction.



Clinical Supervision

Therapists in the field often benefit from having someone to discuss cases with and get support and advice. As a certified sex therapist with a long history of working with clients in kink, polyamorous, swing and LGBTQIA communities I can give you a unique perspective and set of tools to use with clients. The goal of clinical supervision is to help you build the confidence and theoretical knowledge that you need to do the work. In addition I can help you develop marketing strategies to help you build your practice.



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