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Accomplishments (past and current):

Producer and host, Smut Slam DC
Editor, Anonymous Sex Vol. I
Director of Communications, FIGMENT DC
Sex Educator in residence, Lotus Blooms
Editor and Contributor, The Blooms Blog
Ritual Staff Leadership, Fires of Venus

Everyone needs that person in their lives—you know the one. The person you can go to with any sex or relationship question, who’s never shocked by them and always has some resource or advice. The one you want to tell about that thing you tried in bed or the identity you’re discovering, because you know they’ll Get It and they’ll be just as excited for you as you are. The one who’s always nerding out on niche knowledge and radical ideas and shares them with a side of ridiculous GIFs and ranty humor.

I’ve been that person throughout my life, and I aim to professionally be that person as The Pincus Center’s resident content writer, event planner, and sex educator. While my colleagues here offer one-on-one coaching and therapy services to our clientele, my focus is on the broader reach. I’m the one writing or editing blog posts, writing and designing downloadable publications, managing our mailing list, and recording/live-streaming our classes. I also teach my own classes and workshops focusing on pleasure-based sex positivity, healthy relationships, and body image.

As a queer, polyamorous fat woman, I know how difficult it can be to find safe spaces and resources that embrace identities outside the mainstream. I strive with my work to build community and create inclusive, welcoming spaces where everyone is seen and valued. I want my writing to help fill in the gaps of important cultural conversations. I believe that everyone needs to find their authentic, unique path to joy and fulfillment, and I want to help clear the way.

Outside of The Pincus Center, I am the host and producer (as my burlesque alter ego Diva Darling) of Smut Slam DC, the open mic storytelling show about sex, which for six years has provided a rowdy, heavily queer and trans, bonding space to share our sexual truth and slip in stealth sex ed. I have 17 years of experience as an instructor and workshop facilitator in areas ranging from body positivity and burlesque performance, to sex and kink education, to sacred sexuality, to public speaking. I have presented events, taught, or spoken at venues including adult boutique Lotus Blooms, the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Black Rose, DC After Dark, Sacred Sexuality Beltane, Fires of Venus, Free Spirit Gathering, Joe’s Movement Emporium, and freeq’s virtual Pridefest. I have written extensively about sexuality, gender, and kink for Lotus Blooms’ Blooms Blog (which I also edited and created), for a gender-affirming plastic surgeon, and here at The Pincus Center. I was the editor and publisher as well as a contributor for Anonymous Sex Vol. I, Smut Slam International’s first-ever book.

I am available to bring workshops or events or to speak at your organization or conference, and I am happy to talk with you about scheduling a private workshop or class for your group at The Pincus Center. Please reach out to me with any questions you have about our events, or topics you’d love to see us cover in a future event or publication.

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