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It’s called Polyamory
Coming Out About Your Nonmonogamous Relationships
By Tamara Pincus and Rebecca Hiles

To come out or not to come out
It’s Called Polyamory: Coming out about your non-monogamous relationships is an upcoming book designed to provide support and encouragement for people in the process of coming out as poly or in a non-monogamous relationship and the people who love them. We feel the best way to understand how coming out really works is to ask you for your experience. We are gathering stories about a wide variety of situations from a group of people who we hope will be diverse with regards to religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, age and economic status.


Cover of "Sex Positive Now" anthology featuring an image of an open pomegranate

Sex Positive Now
Everything You Need to Know About Sex Positivity
Anthology edited by Allena Gabosch & Jeremy Shub; Tamara Pincus et al contributing writers

Sex positivity from every angle
What is sex positivity? This anthology collects 55 voices from around the world to answer that question, an inclusive and varied group of sex educators, therapists, coaches, writers, and other experts from the field of sexuality. It includes perspectives on kink, queerness, disability, polyamory, and more. Tamara Pincus contributed the essay “Sex Positivity for a More Positive World” alongside pieces by Gloria Brame, Susie Bright, Kevin Patterson, Betty Dodson, Janet Hardy, and many other sexuality leaders.


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