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Lauren Moore
They/Them pronouns


Licensed in VA

MA in Clinical/Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy from La Salle University
BA in Psychology and Sociology
MEd in Clinical Human Sexuality from Widener University

PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Assessment

I believe that quality mental health care requires vulnerability and someone to accept you unconditionally. My goal is to provide that support and any guidance you need to become your best self. Perhaps you’re struggling with marital or relationship issues; maybe it’s personal growth or trying to conquer a to do list. I often hear clients ask, “Why is everyone else better at this than me?” I want to find that anxious, insecure, depressed voice telling you this and give you the tools to vanquish it.

I am a fierce advocate for my clients, even against the meaner parts of themselves, and I believe therapy or coaching is the space where you develop that fierceness for your own. I love working around communication, self sabotage, positive habit building — your basic Taking Care of Business skills. I know you have the capacity to change and you need the space of someone approachable to direct you where you need to go.

My practice utilizes Dialectical Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, Gottman and Emotion-Focused theories informed from a compassionate and inclusive lens. My clients are a swirl — a mix of kinky, non-monogamous, and vanilla people alike. I never want to push an option that will not work for you but I may offer options you haven’t thought of.

I offer therapy and coaching for individuals and couples. Here are brief descriptors of all three services but please reach out if you need more clarity or are curious as to which would be best for you:

Therapy services for couples and individuals tend to be a free-form deep-dive into every complexity that makes you a person. My individual clients are usually struggling with depression, anxiety, attention and executive functioning issues, relationship and gender concerns, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, as well as difficulties moving on from the past, including trauma responses. My couples clients want to communicate effectively, connect better, figure out where they are going in their relationship (including possible separation), find a balance in household tasks, all in addition to the issues my individual people face. We process past, present, and future work with more equality than in coaching and you are encouraged to pick topics for sessions. More complex and/or long-term issues fit best here.

Coaching for individuals focuses on executive functioning skills such as self management, time management, and space management. It is your essential “getting things done” path where we may talk about life transitions, organization, building self confidence (and compassion), and finding balance for the areas of your life. These topics may be covered in therapy too but coaching hones in on the present and future more intensely and I provide you a customized series of topics to cover. Coaching is short-term and a great fit for highly motivated people.

Coaching for couples provides an opportunity to get your open relationship started on the right foot. This is your crash course around boundary setting, relationship negotiation, insecurity/jealousy management and more. Similar to my individual coaching, we frame things in a present and future light with a finite end to our coaching relationship. This is a great fit for people who don’t know how to get started and want the structure, support, and accountability of a professional there helping them get things “right”.

All it takes is a call or email to get started. I’m happy to help you decide if therapy or coaching is the right choice for you.

Lauren is a resident in Marriage and Family Therapy in Virginia working towards their LMFT under the supervision of Dr. Amy Morgan ().

240.305.8315  •  contact@tamarapincus.com